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Black Horse Courier Home Delivery

By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor) Type: Books, Tweaks Version: 1.0 After certain quests, the broadsheet "Black Horse Courier" publishes special local issues that are only available in certain towns and/or from certain people (and usually only immediately after the quest). This makes finding these issues rather difficult. Considering that the Courier is a broadsheet that should be freely distributed to the people of Cyrodiil - not just the ones that happen to bump into a person who has a pile of those papers at the right time - this mod delivers the special issues to your home. In order to receive a copy by home delivery though, you will need to own a house (one from the standard game) in the town where the special issue is published. You can find your copy inside, right near the front door. http://www.alcarin.com/gnome_tinkerer/plugins/oblivion/AW_BH...

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