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My mod loadout in one installer
Hi everbody, i have modded oblivion for 3 days now changing every aspect of the game, graphics and gamplay it took me hours to install and optimize them. Now im done but i want to create a backup of my modded oblivion folder to make it in to one installer like the danwwod fcom superpack do you guys know how to do it? I wil be very grateful Thanks.
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What mod-manager did you use

What mod-manager did you use to create your current setup?  If you are interested in making a one-installer mod, the method is usually very dependent on which mod-manager you used to install your mods...  However, with that said, I like to keep things simple:

The other members of this forum are much more experienced with mod-managers than I am, but my personal method for backing up a working modded installation of Oblivion is to just make a copy of the entire Oblivion folder and zip it up.  Then add the "\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini" file to the archive in a way which preserves the directory structure.  Then, whenever I need to roll back to a working modded installation, I just delete the broken Oblivion directory, unzip my backup Oblivion directory in its place and restore the \My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini.

I use the above method to create a Clean Vanilla Oblivion backup, a Morroblivion backup and a Tamriel Rebuilt backup.  This system works best if you have a large, roomy hard-drive (1 TB+).