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Free Fantasy Music Composer Application!

Hello everyone, 

I'm a 18 year old hobbyist/music producer from the Netherlands and adise from beat making, composing has always been a big hobby of mine and I hope I can contribute on this project. All my music can be downloaded for free, and ready for use.

I use FL Studio 12 as my DAW and Kontakt 5 and 3rd party libraries from 8dio, EastWest and Soundiron mostly for my compositions.

Here are some examples of my work: https://soundcloud.com/rozcott-official . My inspiration comes from Jeremy Soule's work and the Witcher soundtrack composers.

I only recently started to upload my soundtracks, so there will be a lot more coming. I already mailed an application, but never have gotten a response, so thats why I made this post.



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Hi Composer, I replied in

Hi Composer, I replied in your other thread but wanted to post here as well. Good quality stuff and you're in the right direction but just not quite what we need to mesh with the other composers. Sorry for the delay but music is slow to respond due to general RL commitments of some of our composers right now so it took awhile to get feedback from everyone.