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No, it is not intentional,

This mod removes some scripts from clothes, is this intentional?


No, it is not intentional, but it is a consequence of how records are stored in the Oblivion engine.  When a mod over-rides a record, it replaces all parts of that record, even parts that it did not modify.  The solution: You should use a Bashed Patch to import the graphic component of clothing/armor replacers like this while retaining the script subrecords intact.

Unfortunately, there is an bugged behavior in Wrye Bash where it will not preserve the other subrecords (like the script subrecord) in the Morrowind_ob.esm.  In order to preserve it, you must put those records into an ESP.  My Morroblivion-Fixes ESP already does this for all CWU items.

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So is this dependent on some
So is this dependent on some other mod? Besides morroblivion itself obviously. Because I put all the meshes and textures and stuff in the appropriate data folders, activated the esp, and what happened was some clothes weren't even replaced while others resulted in characters with nothing where the pants or shirts or robes should be. Edit: NVM I figured out the problem.
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2018 and still playing.

2018 and still playing.

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What exactly was the problem?

What exactly was the problem? It seems for me that none of the remodeled versions are showing up.

Edit: I managed to get it to work by activating the .esp, but as I understand it, besides while making the bashed patch, aren't NoMerge tagged .esp's supposed to be deactivated?

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Is this still needed as a

Is this still needed as a separate install, or is it now included with Morroblivion as standard?

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No, it's not included in

No, it's not included in current release (v0.64)