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[RELZ] Miscellaneous Texture Replacer

As suggested to me by David Budreck, I have assembled all miscellaneous texture replacements I have made and am releasing them as one download.

As a disclaimer, I recommend backing up all replaced textures in case the new textures are not to your liking.

Texture Rplacer Master File (50 mb compressed, 102 mb uncompressed)


Included Texture Replacements:

Cleaver of St. Felms Retexture

Miscellaneous Ingredients (ash yams, alit hide, ash salts, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, corprus meat)

Bittercup Retexture


Flaming Eye of the Lightkeeper

Goldbrand retexture

Ebony Staff retexture

Staff of Hasedoki Retexture

Daedric Key Retexture

Additionally included is a recent addition of a retextured Akulakhan



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Thank You
Thank you for repackaging these into one file. I have placed a link to this on my Project Release Thread.