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Bad framerates
I've been having poor performance with the latest version of Morroblivion (.98b). My computer's pretty decent, and can run Oblivion on everything maxed out, but with Morroblivion it's kind of like a slideshow. Well, I made it a bit better, at least playable. I had to tone down the graphics quite a bit to handle Morroblivion. I guess part of it has to do with all of the cities being open, whereas in Oblivion they're all closed and load separately from the rest of the world. Additionally, there's more stuff I think to render on Vvardenfell because of several reasons. So, for now, you'll just have to lower the graphics settings of Oblivion while you're in Morrowind exteriors, unless you have a completely awesome PC. ;) edit: Anybody else having this problem, or is it just my luck? :/
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texture pack
did you have a modified texture pack installed on morrowind? i had a supper hi res pack and it caused this problem. once i uninstalled the texture pack and did the convert over again (with object replacer of course ;)) everything was at like 60 fps at the lowest
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I have also a bad framerate,
I have also a bad framerate, but it's quite playable. Places as Vivec are more fps killers, but I still can play. Open worldmap and cities are sure fps killers too and you need a good machine to render all that and get that 60fps running as a charm. My Pc is 2 years old and can handle oblivion with more than one hundred mods, but I have more fps in closed Oblivion cities than in Morroblivion.
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wow, in Cyrodiil I have to
wow, in Cyrodiil I have to put the graphics down to medium, but when I go to Vvardenfell it works perfectly with the graphics turned all the way up, strange...
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Hee Hee
I can run both on max, with open cities on my laptop.. only paid 900 for it too... YAY eBay!!!