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Bugs/Problemsi have noticed.
just a few issues i have noticed since i installed this: when i went to the boat, the guy there didnt say anything, i watied until the thursday, and he still didnt say anything, then walking off the boat, i noticed an exact copy of him, in the water who allowed me to travel. that copy spoke french, too me a while to work out how to get to morrowind. when it loaded, i instantly fell through the floor into a cave full of vamires, then after running out, and finding my way to seyda neen (that was spelt wrong) i found that the guards didnt arrest you and the slit strider doesnt work. then i ran to balmora and used the console to kill a guard, taking his armour, the item named Right bonemold bracer, is actually both, so that needs renaming. and the torch he dropped kept making the sound of a lit torch eventhough it wasnt, and the sound continued after picking the torch up. finally, when i commit a crime in balmora, the guyar runs over and engages in conversation, but without attempting to arrest you, then when you cancel the conversation, it begins a new one. PS. the meldor from the armour shop has no arms worth mentioning, apart from that, i would quite happily have sex with this mod, its amazing :)
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all bugs must be PMed to
all bugs must be PMed to me...most characters dont display arms due to the fact that their clothes/armour arent done..it´ll be fixed once we do all MW equip. the bug duplicate is your load order or you have to versions of the CNME..dont POST BUG TOPICS..theres already a thread for that,ok?