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Converter help
Got this off another web page. There seem to be a lot of threads popping up from people that are struggling with the conversion process. Here is a quick guide to people new to the converter. Once you have downloaded the converter, you are going to end up with a .zip file saved to wherever you saved it to on your computer. Extract the file, I find it easier to extract to the desktop because then I know where it is. You will then end up with a single folder that has several little bits and pieces in it, don't get overwhelmed, we only need to concern ourselves with a few of the files. The main file we want is the Morroblivion.ini, this holds all of the information for the conversion process and tells the converter process what to do and what to convert, open this up first. It should read something like this. Code: ; Initialisation file containing Path and Files to use ; with Morroblivion ESP Converter and NIF Converter ; lines to be ignored begin with ";", to uncomment a line ; just remove the ";" ; Morrowind and Oblivion paths, don't forget to change them ; if you did not install the 2 games in the default folders Morrowind=C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\ Oblivion=C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\ ; Master files to convert with ESP Converter, ; ignored by NIF Converter Master 0=Morrowind.esm Master 1=Tribunal.esm Master 2=Bloodmoon.esm Master 3=PNOG.esm ;Master 4= ;Master 5= ;Master 6= ; Archive files to use for conversion, ; used by both ESP Converter and NIF Converter Archive 0=Morrowind.bsa Archive 1=Tribunal.bsa Archive 2=Bloodmoon.bsa Archive 3=PNOG.bsa ;Archive 4= ;Archive 5= ;Archive 6= ; Mod files to merge with during ESP/ESM conversion, ; ignored by NIF Converter Mod 0=Better Clothes_v1.0.esp Mod 1=CanadianIce Robe Replacer.esp Mod 2=Armures de femmes.esp ;Mod 3= ;Mod 4= ;Mod 5= ;Mod 6= ;Mod 7= ;Mod 8= ;Mod 9= First step, 3rd paragraph down. This is the part that tells the converter where all the data is located for both Morrowind Oblivion so it can access all that it needs from the Morrowind file path such as meshes and textures, convert them all and put them in the appropiate Oblivion file path. Make sure that you set the file path correctly for your game locations. Below that it lists the masters that you would like to convert, you have a choice between Morrowind and the 2 expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, if you do not have any of these you do not want to convert any of them so put a ' ; ' in front of it so it looks something like this: ;Master 0=Morrowind.esm. Do this for the PNOG.esm anyway because this is something made only for the French version. Next one day is the BSA list which are the files that house all the data for the 2 games, this is how it is packed by Bethesda. Do the same thing here as you did with the esm's including the PNOG.bsa. Then finally the section down the bottom allows you to add any extra mods from Morrowind that you may want to convert for Oblivion. This works on the same principle as the BSA and esm selection, put a ' ; ' in front of any of them if you do not wish to convert them. If you do want to convert any extra esp's make sure you put the right name letter for letter as it reads in you Morrowind data file and make sure that there is no ' ; ' in front of it. Save, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IT and then close. Now all that is left to do is to start the conversion process, double click on the ESP_conv application that is in the file that you extracted, sit back and wait for it to finish. According to previous readme's the conversion process can be very long as there is a lot of data to sort through and convert, be patient. Errors are to be expected as well, if you do come across one, you can usually tell because the converter pauses for a extended period of time, just hit Enter and it should continue. Do this any time that is does come up. The converter will tell you when it has finished, hit Enter and you are done! Click Data Files in your Oblivion launcher and select Morrowind_ob.esm, Tribunal_ob.esm, Bloodmoon_ob.esm if you converted them. PLAY AND ENJOY! FAQ's Q: The converter is made by French people! How am I supposed to use it? A: The converter is universal, it will convert whatever language you are in, English, Japanese, Clingon, etc. Q: Morrowind is ALL thw way over there! How do I get there? A: You need to download CNME (Link below) which offers boat transport from Anvil to Seyda Neen. The default teleport esp that comes with the converter will not work because of the cell name differences between the French and English versions. ERRORS This is a list of the most common errors that I know of and how to fix them. Q: There seems to be no land when I go to Vvardenfell, I fall into water! OH NOES, I brokded it! A: Don't stress, this is just a load order problem. If you use Oblivion Mod Manager, make sure the Morrowind_ob.esm loads directly after Oblivion.esm