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Weird yellow triangles?
I'm playing oblivion. I go to the Imperial city Waterfront. I see a morrowind-styled boat. I go aboard it and i see a man. I talk to him. I can either: Ask for rumores, or persuade. There is no way to get inside the boad. I install some other mod. (can't remember it's name. ) Then i go to Anvil. I talk to the man, and travels to morrowind. Everything is fine exept the map. Then i realize i can't thrust with a spear, only strike. I ignore it and walk to where a man fell down from the sky. I take the scrolls, but they doesn't fortify acrobatics, but blade. I think this is a common issue. But i walk further, and suddenly some weird yellow triangles with blue "!" on them appear. What are they for? How do i get them invisible/gone/right? Please help Cheers Zatek