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WrldMorrowindXXXX.lod files
How many of the WrldMorrowind_XX_XX.lod files is the converter supposed to generate? My converter program always stops with an error while converting cells. So I am left with some places in morrowind that are good and complete, but I can run to the edge of some of the outside cells and be at the "edge of the world" and fall into nothing. Seems like most of the good outdoor cells I have are around Red Mountain, and the ashlands, but I don't have any of the cities except for part of Vivec. I can do a search for WrldMorrowind files and I have 651 .lod files with this name. I have a feeling this is not right. I have OBMM and I'm running Morrowind_ob.esm and the others at the top. This is Ald'Ruhn This is Balmora Thanks Rob
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