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Missing objet problems
I have come across a few places in my travels in morroblivion, in this place vivec, where there are those annoying ! triangle thingies. in other words missing meshes and textures. Is this normal or wut?
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some of the meshes are unable to be converted at the moment as are scripts quests and monsters hopefully they'll sortit out soon
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I'm on it!
Since I'm working on removing and/or replacing the morrowind objects that have missing textures atm, i figure ill try to do the same with the missing meshes. It would be a great help if people would pm, or email me wit lists of places they have noticed these thing; else an object getting fixed will have to wait until i come across it I my own travels ;)
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Missing Meshs
Dwemer ruins missing floor mesh. Probley the steam engines to. Propylon chambers. Some vivic water falls at puzzle chambers. I will find more soon.