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Random Crash/Freeze - Early testing in following Morroblivion Overhaul


I'm getting a random crash/freeze after just starting the game in Seyda Neen.  It has happened both indoors and outdoors.  I'm following the Morroblivion Overhaul guide and only just installed Morroblivion and OBSE and related plugins (NVAC, ENBoost, Blockhead, EngineBugFixes, OBME, shadeME, etc):


Load order and OBSE plugin log files attached.

I've tried deteleting the Oblivion.ini and with default settings, but the game still freezes, seemingly randomly.

Really not sure what the first step to troubleshooting should be, though I might start with trying to disable ENBoost?

Any and all help/input is appreciated!



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I read through today's chat

I read through today's chat history on the Morroblivion Help Desk Discord Server and see that you fixed an issue with OBSE not working correctly.  If you're still having random crashes after that OBSE work-around (run Steam.exe as admin) then let us know.  With a base installation of Morrolivion V064 + MorroblivionUnofficial Patch with no other mods and no graphic/texture replacers, your system should not be using enough memory/resources to be causing out of memory crashes. 

  1. The first place I would start, is by disabling all OBSE plugins: especially Oblivion Stutter Remover, NVAC and Shademe.  OSR has several experimental features which are known to cause crashes.  None of the OBSE plugins are necessary to run Morroblivion -- just OBSE itself. 
  2. The Morroblivion v064 base install + vanilla Oblivion should be extremely stable, and many users have been able to run the game for several hours without random crashes. 
  3. I would disable Morroblivion Tree Replacers, as that mod is known to contain dirty edits from older versions (the Morroblivion Unofficial Patch fixes some, but I may have missed others). 
  4. Also, I am suspicious that some of the _far.nif files in the Morroblivion Meshes BSA contain NIF code which are not fully supported by the Oblivion distant object rendering pipeline.  This can be fixed by extracting the BSA, deleting the _far.nif files and repackaging the BSA.  Then re-running TES4LODGen.  Alternatively, you can disable distant lands rendering.  With distant lands rendering turned off, I've successfully run Morroblivion for about 6 continuous hours before encountering a CTD.