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Objects/Items with phsyic's moving around/shaking causing a mess and lag

I dunno if this is something that's been posted before and if it has I'm sorry, but I couldn't find anything after a bit of searching and looking around.

Part of the lag issue I'm finding with my morroblivion installs as far back as 2013 is that objects seem to move around like they're all on crack and made of magnets so they're repelled by every object by the slightest touch.

This can be a problem because some area's have many items laying around and I imagine that some of them are trying to move but you can't see it. Another issue is that some merchants have objects laying around that disappear when you buy them which may make near by objects fly around like buying part of a group of objects causes them to explode off the counter or desk making a huge mess and lots of lag until they settle.

Not only do I see objects flying around sometimes, but when I use TCL (no clip) that seems to clear up some of the lag. For example in the Balmora or Vivec Mages guild I get like 18-28 Frames per second in their lower area's but when i put TCL on my FPS jumps to 40-50 FPS

Is there anyway to fix this problem of objects and items moving around wildly and shaking to clear up item explosions and lag from the oblivion engine trying to process so many objects moving around?

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