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Loot the Mages Guild bug

I have encountered a bug after doing the "Loot the Mages Guild" quest for Thieves Guild in Ald'ruhn. I had entered the guild under 100% Chameleon and stolen the tanto without any problems - the guarding mage turned hostile but I had no reason to kill him (especially that it was after the duel with Trebonius, so I preferred to avoid killing "my" mage). After I entered the guild next time (also under Chameleon, as I was doing the other Thieves Guild quests), the mage was still present and attacked the other mages, killing one of them. I had to reload and help to kill him. He should disappear after the quest is complete.


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He should disappear after the

He should disappear after the quest is complete.

He probably should, I'll check this. It's strange that he attacked other NPCs though, it should only be the player.