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Keening Missing from Odrosil


Last night when I was raiding Ordrosal on Morroblivion, When I unlocked the door and climbed the ladder to the tower there was a circular pedastal but no keening.  

I have sunder, and wraithguard.  I have searched all over the room and no keening.   

I have tried adding keening using the console command with the following code: 

(with my character selected in the console screen)

additem ff04bd37 1

It gives me the following errror:

Item 'ff04bd37' not found for Parameter ObjectID.

Compiled script not saved.

sunder appears as the object ID ff00df6a

When I try selecting my character and typing:

additem ff00df6a 1

it says the following error:

Invalid inventory object 'ff00df6a' for paremeter ObjectID.

and the same for wraithguard.  I have it but can not add it with the console.  

I can add gold using the same code with 0000000f but can not add any of the morroblivion items.

Is there any way to fix this?  If I could use the console comands to add the item, teleport to a testing area with the item, or possibly install a mod that will replace keening in the regular spot that would be great.  

I have the steam installation, but I am not afraid to use the construction set if necessary.  

Thank you.  

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Unlike in Morrowind, Keening

Unlike in Morrowind, Keening is actually added to the inventory of Dagoth Odros after you kill him.

You can't add items via the console using the ff esm/esp identifier. In the case of morrowind, the proper esm/esp code would be: 01  (because Morrowind_ob.esm should load second in your list after oblivion.em which is code 00)

So to add keening you'd type:  0110017D

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Thank you,  I believe that

Thank you,  I believe that Dagoth Odros body fell through the floor when I killed him so that explains the issue.  Maybe I can find the dagger in no clipping mode.  

I actually used the oblivion construction set to decuce that I was using the incorrect codes, and ended up having to replace sunder as well using the console commands, because I dropped the orginal in balmora somewhere, trying to find the item codes. :D

Thank you for your help. :)