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v064 is causing a very large land tear at the prison sewer entrance cell where the dead body is that gives you the amulet of kings. Buildings are floating and objects are buried. It is an incompatibility with a unique landscapes mod called "Imperial Isle" and would only require a compatibility patch to resolve but I have yet to find one (nor do I know how to make such things). Load order has no effect on the outcome. Is there a simple way to build a patch for it? I have informed the other mod author and was hoping addressing it here would be helpful, as well.

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There is no direct

There is no direct incompatability between Morroblivion and and anything in Cyrodiil because it doesn't even touch that worldspace. What you're describing could be an incompatability between the Chargen and Transport mod and UL Imperial Isle. However the newest version of the mod doesn't alter the landscape there at all. You can get the newest version here - if you're already using it the problem lies elsewhere.