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Firemoth Quest - Followers running too close and killing each other

Hi I am brand new and trying to play Morroblivion. I did the Fargoth quests in the starter town and then the imperial leader asks me if i want to lead a group of soldiers to firemoth to reclaim a shield. 

I am trying to do the quest but it just seems unplayable does anyone have any advice?

So the followers run too close firstly. Makes it very annoying. But that is a minor problem.

The major problem is the spellcaster in the group kills us all. Running too close was a problem as when she sees skeletons she just fires and one shots me. So I started side running and then she just kills me eventually if I fight.

So sadly I decided to stop fighting and let them deal with it. She kills the other two npc's eventually. I had to quick load 15 times because of her killing me and this time by the time I get to the great hall she has killed both of the other followers. She then killed me again as a skeleton was behind us or something. i had enough after that and stopped playing.

I also tried avoiding skeletons and going the back way to the castle. That is also impossible. Even after shepherding the NPCS round the water and rocks (they get stuck if you run away), they literally run to the  back wall and start attacking it, you cant stop them and an invisible archer on the roof starts shooting arrows through the wall. Even if you run away or to the front the NPCs never leave the back wall, just keep fighting it.

I just don't know what to do. Spoiling a good experience so far. Any help is welcome.

EDIT: I apologize for duplicate post I have just seen it. Anytime I click any button this website there is a 30 second to 1 minute pause before anything happens and I may have pressed it twice mistaking it for not registering.

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