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Faction Quest Stuck Redoran

I am stuck on the Redoran faction quests, after being promoted to House Father by Sarethi he no longer gives me new duties and continues to give me the Mad Milk Lord quest which I have already completed and there is no where to complete this. Can a dev or someone please give me a console code to start the next quest in line?

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Please post the following

Please post the following information if you are still having problems:

1. mod-load order

2. the NPC you talked to (Sarethi, Naminda, etc.)

3. the dialog choice you selected (or if it is the initial greeting)

4. the first 1-2 lines of dialog which the NPC says

This info will let us more quickly track down any dialog or scripting errors in the game files.  Otherwise it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Thanks.