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Equipped enchanted items in magic menu

This must be reported already, but w/out a way to search the forums I don't know how to check. 

If you scroll over an enchanted item in your inventory, it should show the powers and remaining charges. For example, a "Sparkbolt Ring" should say

- Shock Damage 2 pts on Target
  Charge: 5/5 Uses: 5
  Duration: 1s

But sometimes the inventory menu and ALWAYS the magic menu will just show

- Enchanted Item on Self

By equipping/unequipping the item, selecting another item, then selecting it again, you may be able to fix it in the inventory menu, but the magic menu just shows all your equipped enchantments as "Enchanted Item on Self"

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This might be intended, as

This might be intended, as part of the changes made to "Cast When Used" items by Unofficial Morroblivion Patch.