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Chest and Wardrobe in Hall of Fyr


how can I open the chest and the wardrobe in the "Hall of Fyr"? In Morrowind normally there were a lock with 100 but now a key is needed. How do I get the key? I have collected all the keys in the Corprusarium and opened all the chests. There should be the Scourge and Cuirass of the Saviors Hide

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Apparently there is a change

Apparently there is a change in the Oblivion engine where "Needs a key" attribute is no longer a separate value but is assigned by Lock level 100.  So all locks of level 100 from Morrowind automatically are interpreted as "Needs a key" by the Oblivion engine.  I'll put this on my todo list to change to all Locks of level 100 to 99.  As a work around, use the console command 'lock 99' after selecting the chest/closet.  The key is exactly where it was in Morrowind.