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Can't open the Morrowblivion resource v64
So I've downloaded and redownloaded around 6 times and everytime I get it it won't open with 7-zip it says I can't open it as an archive which I'm sure means it's corrupt but I can downlaod and open other files without a hitch so I don't understand. I chose the mega dowbload link because the other ones wouldn't work right for me. Oh I also downloaded it onto my phone to move over to my computer as I don't have a reliable connection to complete downlaod otherwise
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What size is the file after

What size is the file after you download it?
The "Morroblivion_v064_Complete.7z" file should be 2,376,061 KB in size. 

Maybe your phone is either not completing the download or is downloading the file as text instead of binary.  Or maybe the error is in the transfer from your phone to PC.  Have you successfully downloaded large binary files through your phone before?