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Cant get wives for Redoran Stronghold quest


So for some reason the guards of Ald'ruhn decided to murder half the town so Aryni Orethi is dead and the stronghold quest marker (where she would be) leads to nothing. But Fathusa Girethi seemed to survive the onslaught of the guards but even with max disposition she wont go to the stronghold so I bought the two female slaves from Savile Imayn in Tel Aruhn brought them back to the stronghold and spoke to Hetman Guls but he had nothing to say so i figured I'd set them free when i did they vanished. Also Helviane Desele in Suran mentioned she'd send some girls over but this never happened same thing with Savile Imayn.

Any help would be great


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Did you Reload a Couple Saves

Did you Reload a Couple Saves Before the Guards Murdered the Towns People to See if you Could Work Out Why they have Gone on a Murder Spree.