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Bugged Quest

I need to do the final quest of the Morrowind FG missions but the quest giver is bugged and tells me to kill the Big Bosses before I can get more orders. I have killed them but i cannot advance and the console commands to advance the quest do not work. Any Idea how to solve?  Maybe a working command? I will not start a new character btw. 

Thanks people!

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I think I see where the issue

I think I see where the issue may be: you must Advance to "Champion" rank in the guild before Sjoring Hard-Heart will give you the final quest.  If you can not advance to Champion rank, then make sure these conditions are all correct: 

Open the console and type these following commands to help figure out where the problem is:

GetQuestRunning fbmwFGKillBosses

GetStage fbmwFGKillBosses

GetDeadCount 01260023

GetDeadCount 012601b6

GetDeadCount 01260133

The second line should return 10 or 100.  The other lines should all return 1.  Here are the bosses that need to be killed: Aengoth the Jeweler (01260023), Big Helende (012601b6), and Sugar-Lips Habasi (01260133).  You should be talking to Sjoring Hard-Heart to finish the quest.  After killing the bosses, use the "Thieves Guild Bosses" topic to complete this quest.