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Bloodmoon Quest Bug Report

As was already mentioned here:


The quest "Rebellion at Frostmoth" will break if you open Antonio Nuncius's desk and take the alcohol stash before speaking with Carius to get the quest.  You'll get a journal entry about finding the stash, but the proper dialogue options to actually get the quest from Carius will never appear. (I'm pretty much stuck at this point and can't advance any further in the main Bloodmoon quest.)

ETA: I looked up the quest ID in TES4Edit, and it's [0101B6CE].  I experimented with setstage to different values.  Setting it to 10 or 20 didn't bring up the dialogue options with Carius.  Setting it to 30 brought up the "dry fort" option with the guards, as well as Carius, but selecting this option didn't produce any results and I was still unable to offer any liquor.  (I'm carrying several bottles that are not marked stolen.)  I set it to 40 and got the journal entry to report back to Carius, but he had no new dialogue options.  Only when I set it to 60 was I able to make progress, by confronting Antonius Nuncius.  I promised to keep his secret so I could get the key to his stash.  However, reporting back to Carius at this point did not complete the quest.  My only choice was to setstage to 100 to force completion.

I was then able to advance the next quest normally, however I had already killed all the smugglers for that quest way ahead of time during exploration.  I immediately got the journal entry to report back to Carius.  This is where the fort is supposed to be attacked on your way back, so I fast traveled to the smuggler cave and walked back on foot.  I did get the entry that the fort had been attacked, but Frostmoth did not have the ransacked appearance it's supposed to.  Still, I found and spoke to Gaea / Saenus (it didn't matter because I didn't travel with either of them) and was able to get the quest to check the Skaal Village.  I'll have to see if this one works as it's supposed to.


In the quest "Establish the Mine" on Solstheim, when Falco Galenus gives you a piece of ebony and asks you to find four more, it's not guaranteed that you'll be able to get four from the nearby ebony deposits due to the random nature of harvesting ingredients.  In vanilla Morrowind it was always guaranteed.  If you can't get the required amount, you either have to wait 3 days and try again, or look on Vvardenfell for more ebony.

During the quest "A Blocked Door" on Solstheim, when Falco Galenus asks you to rough up Hroldar the Strange, he will not surrender when his fatigue is reduced to zero.  He will just keep getting back up, and if you keep punching him then he will die and you'll get the same quest result as if you'd killed him with a weapon.  

The quest "A Woman Scorned" on Solstheim can't be completed and does not have quest markers.  The note does not appear in Erna the Quiet's house in the Skaal Village (likely prone to falling through the floor) killing Erna without reading the note will not advance the quest, and taking her ring back to Kjolver will not complete the quest.  I had to console in the note id:01180257, drop it, read it, find Erna's already dead body and resurrect it, then kill her again to finish the quest.  

The quest "The Sad Seer" on Solstheim can't be advanced.  When you initially speak to Geilir the Mumbling, he greets you by telling you about the draugr that took his friend.  However, there are no conversation options that open up about this.  Even if you go to Kolbjorn Barrow, pick up the skull of Offrid White-Lip, and present it to Geilir, he doesn't acknowledge it and you can't ask him about it.  (Note that this happens if you haven't already spoken to Thormoor Gray-Wave and gotten "The Cursed Captain" quest.)  

Since the quest "The Sad Seer" is broken, "The Cursed Captain" can't be completed either, since there are never any dialogue options with Geilir to ask about his missing friend.

The riddle at the entrance to Hrothmund's Barrow is not voiced, even though a voice does exist for it in vanilla Morrowind.  Also, you are asked the riddle every single time, even though it's only supposed to be once and then the barrow remains open.  

On your first visit to Hrothmund's Barrow, you can interact with Hrothmund's Axe and get the message that you're granted rulership of Thirsk, even if you haven't yet been sent on the quest to do so.    

During "The Ritual of Water" you're supposed to follow The Swimmer from the small island to Stahlman's Gorge underwater, but it gets stuck at its starting location.  Fortunately, the quest marker still points to the cave.  If you travel away and then come back, The Swimmer will reappear on the water's surface above the cave.

During "Making a Choice" if you choose to side with Carnius, asking him for your next assignment causes him to skip straight to giving you the "Supply Route Problems" instead of "Setting up Shop."  This breaks the quest line, as there's no way to get "Setting up Shop" from Carnius, and speaking to Falco after Carnius gives you "Supply Route Problems" yields no new dialogue options.  (This does not happen if you choose to side with Falco, as he correctly gives you "Setting up Shop".)  

"The Moon Sugar Mystery" can't be advanced and can't be completed if you've already spoken to Uncle Sweetshare before getting the quest.  After speaking to Severia Gratius, you get the initial journal entry for the quest, but you can't inquire about it further or agree to help her.  You can talk to Jeleen inside about "moon sugar investigation" but this does not bring up any new dialogue options with him, nor does it update your journal.  If you kill Uncle Sweetshare and obtain his helm, Severia doesn't acknowledge it and you can't complete the quest.  (Vanilla Morrowind had a similar glitch where you couldn't advance the quest if you'd already spoken to Uncle Sweetshare prior to getting the quest.)  Quest ID is [0101B6CD].  Using the console to advance to stage 30 lets you ask Jeleen about "silly song" which will let you continue the quest.  

When doing "The Ritual of Beasts" the Good Beast and the rieklings that are supposed to attack it will never spawn.  Walking the entire area between the southern shore of the lake, the eastern shore of the river, and Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop still do not make them spawn.  The only way to complete the quest is to force complete it with setstage to 100.  Quest ID is [0101AF86].  However, then it won't be counted towards "The Skaal Test of Loyalty" so you have to do setstage 0101B6D4 66.  

At the end of "The Skaal Test of Wisdom" if you choose to feed Rigmor to the wolves and then manage to quickly kill all 3 Caenlorn Wolves before they can kill Rigmor, Tharsten is supposed to berate you for killing the wolves and say that Rigmor will be exiled anyway.  This does not happen here, and he reacts as if the wolves had carried out the death sentence normally.  If you then break off the conversation before asking about the Test of Strength and try to talk to Tharsten again, he just tells you to make sure Halfhand gets fed to the wolves and dismisses you, making it impossible to progress to the next quest unless you stealth kill Rigmor yourself.  

During "Mead Hall Massacre" there are supposed to be dead bodies inside Thirsk, including that of Skjoldr Wolf-Runner, from whom you can loot the Paws of the Wolf-Runner.  However, his body never appears, so there's no way to get this item.  

You can still accidentally eat the Heart of the Udyrfrykte and prevent yourself from ever finishing the quest (like in vanilla Morrowind) since it's not marked as a quest item here.  

When Korst Wind-Eye tells you that you've been infected, and you choose to cure yourself, he will not always recognize that you've been cured.  It is often necessary to stand there and cast Cure Disease on yourself multiple times before the dialogue option "been infected" lights up again, allowing you to advance to the next quest.

Towards the end of "The Siege of the Skaal Village" there are two werewolves that enter the Greathall.  You have to take them both out to advance the quest, but you'll get the journal entry after only killing one.

When Korst Wind-Eye tells you that you've been infected, and you choose to cure yourself, he will not always recognize that you've been cured.  It is often necessary to stand there and cast Cure Disease on yourself multiple times before the dialogue option "been infected" lights up again, allowing you to advance to the next quest.  

The Tombs of Skaalara are supposed to become unsealed when you begin "The Totem of Claw and Fang" but they do not.  It is impossible to enter them without "TCL" and the main Bloodmoon quest can't be advanced.  A fix was suggested for this in the following thread:


In the "Castle Karstaag" quest on the Skaal side, Krish does not acknowledge that you've killed the eighth Deadly Graal, and so you can't advance the quest.  You can still go upstairs, fight your way through the banquet hall, and find Dulk.  However, Dulk has zero dialogue options, and there Krish still refuses to say anything.  The only way to finish the quest is to kill Krish yourself, which gives you a journal update and lets you ask Dulk about the horkers.

The apparition of Hircine that speaks to you at the Mortrag Glacier: Entry is not voiced even though he has a voice in Morrowind, doesn't teleport away like he's supposed to, isn't essential, and can be very easily killed and looted for items you're not supposed to be able to acquire.  (Though this doesn't prevent him from reappearing later at the end of the quest.) 

When you enter the door to the Mortrag Glacier: Outer Ring, Carius is supposed to speak to you right away (regardless of which path you choose) but he doesn't.

With the Werewolf Redone fixes installed, the game no longer crashes when Tharsten transforms into a werewolf or dies.  However, he appears as having a werewolf head with the rest of his armor on his (human) body normally.  When you kill him and loot him, he appears like a naked Nord with a werewolf head.

If Carius survives the quest "Hircine's Hunt" he will be permanently stuck in follower mode and will follow you for the rest of the game or until he's killed.  My workaround was to lead him into his quarters at Fort Frostmoth and then cast Damage Speed + Damage Fatigue on him until he was immobile, then lock him in his room.

The Ancient Nordic Pickaxe that you get in "Discovery in the Mine" can be dropped, despite being a quest item.  Yet the real problem is that its physics are glitched, and it will go bouncing around erratically, and most likely get lost.

Similar to the issue with "Establishing the Mine" the stahlrim deposit in Raven Rock Mine does not give you a guaranteed sample of stahlrim, as the harvest is based on random chance.  If you can't get one from this tomb, then you need to go around Solstheim and look for others.

When Falco gives you the quest "Razing the Forest" and you ask him about "spriggans" he immediately responds as though you'd already killed them all, even though Unel Lloran does not.  Also, due to the way the death scripts of spriggans are handled, you'll get the journal update that you've killed them all even if you haven't yet killed each of the spriggans 3 times.

3 days after you complete "Razing the Forest" you get a misspelled message, "The roots should be poisend by now."

When attempting to do "Protect Falco" the NPCs who are supposed to attack stay at the edges of the town and do nothing, while Falco gets stuck in an endless loop of talking to you every 3 seconds.  Sometimes the first attacker rushes up and fights with the guards; other times he stays there and you get the journal entry that the attacker has run off while the guards stand around fidgeting with weapons drawn.  Falco will continue to talk to you every 3 seconds, just with a different line.  You can still complete the quest by rushing up and killing the three attackers yourself, though they will never attack.

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