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Arbitrary Changes/Restrictions... Seriously?

So I'm reading through the CS entries/scripts for Morroblivion, trying to craft a mod to change the Berne Vamp faction ranks to agility instead of willpower, and then I read this comment in the Morroblivion Vampire script:

"This next part determines the Player's Clan. 0 = Cattle, 1 = Neonate. Because the Player is considered an "accident," he/she will not be going up in Rank." 

Are you kidding me? What else has been so drastically changed from Morrowind? Is there any warning given to the player that they aren't able to progress through the ranks? I get the motivation behind this change, high ranking vampires are hundreds or even thousands of years old, and it doesn't make much sense for a player to advance so quickly, but that should be up to the role player to figure out for themselves. Clearly I am mistaken in the belief that Morroblivion is anything close to representative of Morrowind's vision.