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[WIP] Morroblivion Lights-and-Darkness

Morroblivion Lights-and-Darkness v1.0 (WIP)

This mod is inspired by the Morrowind Lighting Mods: Total Lighting Mod and True Lights and Darkness.  Vanilla Morrowind tends to have ambient light turned up so high that shadows and light-sources are washed out which flattens out the perspective.  Anyone whose played MGSO will be familiar with the atmosphere that is added by these lighting mods.

What this mod actually does: it brightens the light sources by doubling the light "intensity" through the Fade subrecord in the ESP.  It then applies a graduated attenuation of ambient and directional lighting in Interior cells with the brightest interiors being decreased by 50%.  Torches hanging on cave walls were also modified so they can be picked up and used.

Known Issues:
- Torches that are attached to walls do not have Havok physics turned on.  If you try to drop them, they will float in the air.  The same goes for Lanterns.
- This first version is almost purely script generated with very little hand tweaking.  Some Interiors will be pitch black if you are not carrying a torch or a light/night eye spell.

To Do:
- Add an item script which converts the non-Havok light sources to Havok-enabled lights when you take them from the walls.
- Custom adjust above-ground interiors, especially ones with windows, to have more ambient light.
- Simulate daylight coming through windows, with dynamic intensity based on time of day.

I'm including two versions:
- Recommended: One which is based on a graduated interior ambient/directional light reduction script (with a maximum reduction of 50%).  The 50% reduction can be so dark in some areas that you will barely see walls or floors if you turn up the brightness.  You may be able to get away without torches.
- For Testing: The second applies a flat 80% reduction to all interior ambient/directional lighting.  The flat 80% reduction is near pitch black in many areas.  You will need torches.

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