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[OLD] NoHavok Clutter (aka no more silverware explosions)

*** This mod is out of date.  The latest version is now part of the Morroblivion Unofficial Patch. ***

Morroblivion NoHavok Clutter v1.0

This mod disables Havok physics for many clutter items found in Morroblivion (especially on tables and shelves).  This prevents items from flying around, falling down and rolling on the floor.  The down-side is that these items will also appear to float in the air if you try to drop them because gravity is not applied.  

The mod includes a new BSA file which conains modified versions of several meshes for Morroblivion clutter items.  Affected items include silverware, cups, bowls, plates, etc.  This only affects items that are specific to Morroblivion and does not modify any Oblivion items.  Removing the bsa and esp will restore your game to "normal" Oblivion physics again.  

Morroblivion NoHavok Bottles (and Jugs) v1.0  

This mod works like Morroblivion NoHavok Clutter -- it disables the physics effects for many bottles and jugs specific to Morroblivion.  Unlike the NoHavok-Clutter mod, the NoHavok-Bottles mod has loose NIF files instead of a BSA file (at least for version 1).  Unload the esp file to restore "normal" Oblivion physics to bottles in Morroblivion.  

Add Bash Tag "Graphics" to the esp and merge into bashed patch.

To Do:
In the future, I will probably merge both mods into one 7z file for more convenient installation.  I'd also like to develop a script which automatically replaces the nohavok items with havok enabled versions when you pick up an object.  That way, physics and gravity will be applied when you drop these items from your inventory.

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