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Morroblivion Overhaul modding guide

Volunteers Requested for Diana TES GotH Dev Team: Morroblivion Overhaul Version 2.0.
I am in the process of revising the Morroblivion Overhaul guide. This will take some time. We want everyone involved to have fun with their modding experience, so there will be no pressure for meeting a deadline. 

We need testers who are willing to install Morroblivion and a member for each category below:

  1. Experienced Mod Author for Compatibility Patches willing to share steps taken to create the patches.
  2. At least 2 testers for ModExporter, with one testing the Morrowind worldspaces and the other testing Oblivion worldspaces.
  3. Testers for each of the following mod managers who are willing to share their experience and any workarounds that will be helpful to the community:

  • Mod Organizer 2
  • Vortex
  • Wrye Bash

For more details join me on my discord server. Mention that you are interested in joining the Morroblivion Overhaul Dev Team and which test group you would like to join.  Discord server: Diana TES GotH

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