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Underwater Immersion

At this point in development, I bet this isn't very important, but I heard about underwater combat and such; this brings up a whole new topic that Skyrim pretty much had nothing of. How long can you breath underwater; if there is going to be huge underwater battles, then are you going to have to take a breather once in a while? Underwater quests, enchanted helmets of Breathing Underwater? 

Man, anything is possible if you can shoot a magical arrow underwater against a giant demonic squid monster.

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i think site need more

i think site need more sophisticated thread system: there is bunch of related threads:
  + https://tesrenewal.com/forums/requests-suggestions-and-quest...
  + https://tesrenewal.com/forums/requests-suggestions-and-quest...

i hope there would be interesting mechanics:
 + restricted distant elemental magic
 + different dinamics of arrows (but crossbows should work good)
 + some new alteration magic: maybe some magic that gives you additional air (not like water breathing), or spell that gives you ability walk on seafloor