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Surrendering NPCs

This isn't particularly urgent in terms of timelines and what not, however I want to get some opinions regarding conditions for NPCs surrendering/fleeing from combat like little pansies.

I have successfully set up a test mod in which NPCs that I hit will stop combat, run away screaming and will not attack me again. The next step is to put conditions on this behavior. I have written a script that will randomly determine whether or not an NPC will surrender. Currently, the probability of surrender is based partially on the race of the NPC, as that was one of the things I was asked to incorporate. The other things that I've taken into account so far are the NPC's confidence and aggression. I will probably put in NPC morality to determine whether or not a surrendered NPC will betray the player or not. I'm not sure about that yet. I will definitely work in player infamy with the NPC's faction at some point.

What I want opinions on is the following: I'm writing a script the purpose of which is to determine how the player character's current and innate characteristics determine how likely he NPC's are to flee/surrender in combat. The script will run every time the player levels, sleeps (in case something like pumping iron is ever implemented), equips or unequips something. I also think it should run when the race menu is closed because race, gender (maybe), weight, and maybe height will be taken into consideration. The script basically will spit out a number that will modify the chance of surrender determined by the other script. I'm thinking that this number will be used mostly when an enemy NPC gains line of sight with the player, since I think that the things that this number will take into account are mostly visual. That's what I need opinions on.

I'm wondering what people think are reasonable things to take into consideration. Should they be only things that will be immediately apparent when someone looks at the player, such as size or the type and value (price) of the armor? Don't get me wrong; I don't think that a bandit could look at a piece of armor and know it's value. I just think gold value is a fairly linear indicator the efficacy/rarity/badassity (yes, you read that right) of weapons and armor in TES games. Maybe armor rating would be effectively the same thing. Anyway, I would like some thoughts/opinions/other ideas. I guess the main point is that this should be based on the given NPC's perception of the PC, not the PC's true abilities. Those will become clear when combat actually begins. Hopefully I'm making sense.

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This would be nice.

This would be nice.
As defensive behavior i can propose such surrenders to throw their weapons (and weighty armor) on ground and run. 
Would be nice to have such surrenders to be wiped from the game world after most of such dramatic events.