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I joined this place back in late 2010 and never really did much because it wasn't clear what I could actually do to help. I was bored the other day and remembered this and thought, "I'm going to see if they have anything that says where I can help.", why? Because I've been checking up on this project off and on for nearly half a decade now and I think it's amazing! Such a project deserves more attention and I always wanted to help anyway, I just didn't know where/how I could actually help.

I remember joining and this place still being called "Morroblivion" which has obviously changed, but I never really did much. I think I submitted a total of 2 posts before resuming activity the other day.

Regardless, I'm here now, and I've already talked to some of those involved in what I think I can help most in. Voice Acting and Writing, so nice to meet you guys! ^_^