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Hello! My name is Albin, I am an intermediate 3D-artist/student and would love to be able to contribute :)

My main focus is on modeling, but I can do basic rigging and animation as well.

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The programs that you will

The programs that you will need to know within the animation department:

  1. Doc: Documentation files
  2. Java: **Havok Project Handler**, for inserting new races for actors, handles the tasks related to manage custom animations and behaviors for HKX file format. **primarily intended for *Coders* and *Modders***
  3. max11: Skyrim MAXTools, a collection of MAXscripts intended to load proper configurations and do complex tasks in order to obtain Gamebyro (NIF) and Havok binary (HKX) loadable into the Skyrim game. **primarily intended for *Animators* and *Riggers***
  4. nifplugin: a customized forked version of VS **MAX Nif Export Plugin**
  5. thirdParty: third party tools binaries to be used by the above tools.

It is your requirement to research and understand these programs.

The tasks that the animation department have for you are as follows:

  1. ### Export NIF mesh from an already rigged *creature*###
    1.  If you already rigged a new mesh to a vanilla skeleton and simply need the

 replacement to be referred by a CK entry.

  1. ### Export Skeleton ###
    1. If you already have bones and ragdoll
  2. ### Havok quick export ###
  3. ### Batch FBX Convert of a vanilla rigged model using **Skyrim MAXTools** ###

Are you comfortable with this?

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Hi, I seem to have missed the

Hi, I seem to have missed the header of modeling, as that is my main area of "expertise". I am not completely sure as of now if I am able to handle the tasks set before me, but I need to investigate them first and learn them anyway.

What I am saying is that I could probably learn to do this, but I am not really familiar with it the same way as I am with modeling, UV-mapping and texturing assets and characters in 3D xD.

Another thing that I might have gotten wrong is witch mod this concerns. I watched a few videos where they said they needed 3D-modeling done for Skyblivion? I might have put this in the wrong forum as well then xD But if my service is needed here then I don't mind.

Sorry if this is confusing. 

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You probably want here: https