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Volunteering on Skywind

I'm David, i would love work with you guys. i work in game zombie before as environment artist. I can do everything Low poly High poly.. Environment Characters.. Everything about modeling and texturing. I have 10 years in this industry as a freelancer. Please i have Total time for this i loove skyrim.

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Hey David! Your work looks

Hey David! Your work looks great, come join our Discord and we can get started. https://tesrenewal.com/content/skywind-public-chat-on-discord

My username is the same there :CyanideExpress#6536

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Hello i would love to be

Hello i would love to be apart of the team cause i loved morrowind so much and played even when oblivion and skyrim.i even had fun playing morrowoblivion and would like to contribute in seeing morrowind getting a big upgrade

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