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[Quality Assurance] Tester

Hello Forum Moderator/Application Reviewer,

I am looking to apply as a volunteer QA Tester, I did QA Testing work at Activision on Black Ops 3, for 8 months. And have a associates degree is applied science for application and game development. I have a released on the Nexus Skyrim mod called More Saddles, and am releasing a Fallout 4 mod on the Nexus later this week.

I have not ever use papyrus. I have used the console commands in Bethesda games a bit, to generate things, reset quests, kill/revive NPC's, etc.

I played the original Morrowind game when it was released, the game didn't hook me but i didn't spend a lot of time running about, killing and stealing things.

I have Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition, I have the SSE on installed atm. I can easily reinstall normal Skyrim. Have 605 hours in normal Skyrim on steam.

I am currently unemployed so I can spend easily 4 or more hours a week bug testing(Depending on testing methods)

Testing act Activision, I used an online data base system, to file bugs, providing dev team with information such as:

  • Bug Reproduction rate (rate bug happens, 5/5/always, 4/5 very often, 3/5 occasionally, and 2/5 - 1/5 cannot repeat.)
  • Severity (CTD/Corrupt Game Files/etc = High, Fail Quest/World Holes/etc = Medium, World Asset Clipping/texture pop/etc = low)
  • Named bug (with world cell location, severity of bug, bug type(clipping, missing mesh, etc))
  • Bug Location
  • Bug reproduction steps (numbered list with steps used to recreate bug, so dev can if needed recreate issue if needed.
  • Screen shots of Player character on Maps and Screen shots of bug from several distances.

Don't hesitate to ask for any other information needed, I will provide more information in a timely manner.


Best regards,


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Hi Luap, message me on the

Hi Luap, message me on the Skywind Discord server and we'll go from there. Link on the front page of the website