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QA and Misc Jobs

I'm looking to apply as both a QA tester and a misc jobs volunteer, I have little experience though I'd like to be able to "climb the ranks" specifically into programming.

Right now I'm 2 months into high school and I'm looking to become a games developer (specifically in game engines such as Unreal) and think that this would be good on a UCAS application as I'm applying for Abertay at the end of this year to finish high school a year early.

Though I have no formal experience (or any evidence) I do like to:

  • Get every collectible
  • Try to find exploits within the game 
  • Complete every quest 
  • And generally, try to break a game

I also have mountains of free time and a general passion for the Elder Scrolls series, since I have been playing Morrowind on my cousins Xbox from the age of 5.

If you'd like my help then thank you very much, if not then would It be possible for one of the programmers to point me in the right direction for learning more about programming since school doesn't really challenge me that much.

P.S - My PDF doesn't do me any real justice for helping me apply

Thank you, Devorlon

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Thanks for applying devorlon,

Thanks for applying devorlon, unfortunately I need people with QA experience to speed up the onboarding process and to provide our developers with accurate feedback. Good luck with your gaming career, sorry that we can't help your resume at this time.