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Applying for QA Position

Hello Skywind Team,

I'm AbsolSilver and I applied for a position in your QA testing team. I've started TAFE a couple of months at North Sydney in Interactive and Digital Games, learning stuff like AI, Level Design, OOP, GUI etc. and I saw your post on Reddit about application for QA positions, I thought I'd might have a go. 

I have experience in playing Skyrim  & Morrowind and have used console commands for both. I'm going to be on school holidays for the next 2 weeks starting on Saturday I've be mostly free for those weeks and once I start back at TAFE, my free days are Wednesday and weekends my time.

I have heard of your project since the beginning in 2012 and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful project!

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Sounds great AbsolSilver.

Sounds great AbsolSilver. Message me on the Skywind Discord server? Link is on the front page of this website down a bit.