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[3D] modeler wanting to help


My name is Zsolt and i would like to join the team as a 3D modeler. Modeling and texturing in Maya has been my hobby in the past years. Though my online portfolio is only 1 picture on Artstation, i do have many more pictures offline. The assets you see on this picture (after smaller changes) could be used in a game, i do understand the criteria a 3D model has to apply to be used in a game engine.

My motivations to join the team are:

1: Morrowind was the first 3D RPG game that i have played with when i was a teen, specially liked the silt stiders howling :). I was so deeply immersed of the world of Morrowind that it was 1 of the reasons i started learning 3D modeling years later. For me, personally it would be a dream come true if i could add something to this project. Even if those are the simplest assets like vases. To be part of this and provide the community the same experience i had once.

2: I do enjoy creating 3D environments and assets. I want switch profession to work in the gaming industry and i see this as a perfect opportunity to practice and improve my skills.

I do understand that the picture on Artstation might not be what you are looking for. If thats the case please send me a concept drawing from a hard surface asset and i will do my best and provide the picture once i'm done with it.




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Hi! my name is Mark. I create

Hi! my name is Mark. I create VR content! Check out my blank.

Connect me magickmrk@gmail.com

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