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[3d] Modeler wanting to help !

Hi ! My name is John and,


   First of all I would like to give my heartful Thank You for making this project a reality. Skywind inspired me to learn everything I know about games and 3d in general, with each Development progress video of Skywind I grew eager to learn more and help. After some time, and  some practice, I finally made up my mind to apply. I wanted to hone my skills until I felt comfortable that I would be able to produce good quality assets that were on par with the project.

   I want to join because I sincerely love the concept that this project represents. This venture is something I never saw before, so many talented people working together for one main Goal, to re-create the grand experience that was TES: Morrowind, a game that I consider one of the Prime examples of RPG in gaming. This by itself is my main big reason to help this project, to be part of this team.

   My main pipeline is described in my form, I use 3d coat for HP sculpting, retopology, texture baking and also texturing, it's a really great program, I have also some experience in rigging and animating in blender. These were really useful skills to use in my personal game project that is being made in UE4. My (tiny but growing) portfolio is also in my form which I'll update when I complete more models.

   Also, Don't worry if I'm not good enough, I'm already deeply grateful for you guys just existing, and I'm happy just to apply to help you.



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Your portfolio looks pretty cool, but very high poly overall. Do you have anything, say, game ready, you could show?

See you soon!