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Hi, I recently applied for a

Hi, I recently applied for a role as a 3D modeler.  Please let me know if you'd like my assistance.

Discord and username (and my name everywhere on the internet): Kalephrex, Kalephrex#0634 for discord

Form Submitted 12/18/18

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Hi, I’d like to sign up for

Hi, I’d like to sign up for tool development, scripts, and quality testing. I have 15 years experience developing C code for embedded computing products and operating systems - lots of state machines, 25 years developing desktop applications in C++ and various scripting languages. Lesser experience with C# and .NET but I like both. I have a strong math background and personal experience with coding height field and terrain processing tools. I’m modding Skyrim SE, fixing many mods to work with YASH2, so I’m learning a lot about Papyrus and the various data records.

I noticed Nav Meshing is/was a big concern, if it still is there are algorithms that can get you 99% of the way to a quality mesh, but it would mean loading all the geometry data in the BSAs and processing it in a standalone app - not the CK - and then inserting the nav meshes back into a BSA. I’d enjoy doing that for you if the team is interested. Otherwise throw me at anything else.

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Hi I applied for a bunch of

Hi I applied for a bunch of different 3D roles today 12/31/2018

tesrenewal: Danzo

discord: danzo#9566

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Username Discord/TESRenewal:

Username Discord/TESRenewal: 84f1r3b1rd

Hi, looking to contribute. I do 3D modeling all day at work, and was hoping I could assist with some of the 3D models. I have never done any mod work, but I have lots of experience, and I have put in hundreds of hours between Oblivion and Skyrim. Besides, this project sounds a lot more interesting than modeling plastic molded parts and electrical components all day...


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Username Discord: VulcanIV

Username Discord: VulcanIV#2093

Applied as 3D Artist for Skyblivion(quite proficient in creature modeling)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ali Youssef
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Discord: Ali Youssef#0878

Discord: Ali Youssef#0878
Applied for 3d stuff, hope to help push this thing a pixel further !

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Submitted my application form

Submitted my application form a few days ago. Looking to do 3D prop or character stuff.

discord username: Connor#0583

tesrenewal: onyon


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Discord Username: BayconByte 

Discord Username: BayconByte #4540

TES Username: BayconByte

Applied today 3/4/2019 

3D Student of Mike Smith - (He made the Zombie recently)

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Hey i just applied! Not sure

Hey i just applied! Not sure what else to write here and it said to write here ^^;

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Hi, discord: Phlair#0351 here

Hi, discord: Phlair#0351 here

I just applied for various roles but to give some background, my day-job involves daily dev and software engineering typically in distributed computing (Spark, Hadoop, Microsoft Azure) so I'm solid across various coding languages and can pick new ones up fast.

Happy to work on mostly anything, been following this project from the start and keen to help make it a reality if I can!

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Discord Moonwildflower#4152

Discord Moonwildflower#4152

Hi y'all! Looking to build my portfolio and get experience by working with others. Hoping to do weapons and eventually try my hand at creatures and monsters. 

I use Zbrush, Fusion 360, Maya and Substance Painter.