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Blog entry #7

Monthly Blog Post

Welcome back to the monthly recap, after some delay; unfortunately, this is a perfect example of how life sometimes gets in the way of productivity. But the project moves forward. Without further ado, let us jump into some of the progress that has been made over the previous month.

Telvanni Architecture

One of the trademarks of Morrowind is its Telvanni structures. Players coming from Skyrim will undoubtedly notice the strangeness of these constructions and the obvious differences in architecture from the familiar Nordic/Imperial buildings. These unusually designed structures look quite alien, and are favored among the Great House Telvanni. These are not buildings in the traditional sense; rather, they are completely organic structures that grow in different shapes and sizes, and allow for excellent housing. Under the care of proper expertise, and with a little bit of magic, these structures can grow to huge sizes. One of our modelers, Vita, has been hard at work making models that rightfully reflect the alienness of these structures. Notice the character on the ground - it will put the size of the buildings into perspective. Take a look and tell us what you think:

Small video showcase <- Be sure to check this video/SWF out.

Orc Ceremonial Armor

The recreation of Morrowind armor is a touchy subject. We have emphasized the fact that we are not only recreating Morrowind, but also reimagining and improving models, giving them our own touch. This will always cause conflict with those who are used to Morrowind’s original models; nostalgia is a powerful feeling. Alas, it is impossible to satisfy everyone, and Skywind is a creative project at its heart. That being said, we strive to design armors in a way that reflects the Morrowind lore and atmosphere while still utilizing the enhanced graphical capabilities of Skyrim’s engine. This month the Orc ceremonial armor got its turn to be reimagined and added to Skywind. We have added a few different stages of the model, as well as the Morrowind model for comparison.

Nordic Common Architecture

Nordic common houses is nearing completion, which means we can cross another thing off of our list. These buildings are used in nordic inspired villages, which is mainly Dagon Fel. Dagon Fel is home to Nord fishermen, and is actually the only non-Dunmer town in Vvardenfell. The common house progress has allowed for the reconstruction of Dagon Fel to get under way. Below you will find not only asset, but images of Dagon Fel where they are being used as well.

Molag Amur Rocks

The work on Molag Amur continues. While stage one focused on the largest mountain pieces, stage two focuses on smaller assets such as rocks and lava vents.

Stage two consists of:

  • 15 lava vents
  •  9 lava cliffs
  •  7 medium shard basalt rocks
  •  14 medium block basalt rocks
  •  14 ground models (skyrim retextures)

These two stages combined have added around 80 assets, allowing for large amounts of the area to be landscaped. There are two more stages planned at this point; stage three will include tar and sulphur, whereas stage four will be animated lava and burning trees.

Monthly Progress Album

Just to try something new, we are going to give you all the progress from one month in image format. To be honest, there is probably a lot of stuff we have forgotten or missed. Many of the progress images are landscaping, providing a teaser of how the world of Skywind will look.

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Wow, that is some beautiful

Wow, that is some beautiful work!  

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Can't thank you people enough

Can't thank you people enough for all this. Nice

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Im hyped. Again. Nice work.

Im hyped. Again. Nice work.

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I just discovered Skywind

I just discovered Skywind today and I couldn't be more thrilled.
I have been wanting something like this to be done for a long time!.
This is amazing and I am excited to watch it unfold, keep up the great work!

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