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[3D] Character, armor, props, environment


              I'd like to join to continue developing my 3D skills. Morrowind is my all time favorite game and it would be amazing to contribute to this project as much as I am allowed. My main focus is character and environment modeling at this time but I'm open to broadening my horizons. I worked on a canceled, fan-made halo game for a short period before becoming too busy with real life work.  Things have settled down now but the Halo project has come to a stand still. I think I could contribute some quality 3D art for the Skywind project.  Current limitation is that I've only used zbrush, but have been creating on it for about 6-8 years.  The models in my PDF are not super indicative of my ability and I lost most of the work I did due to a dead SSD. Fucking crucial.


-Sincerely, Mr. meancloth



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