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3d modeler/texturer/animator (flexible)

hi! my name's emma and this is my application to your 3d modeling/etc. department. i'm very flexible and can learn new things quickly, but i realize that i'm a student and that might impact your decision one way or another.

either way, i thank you for your time!

(also i forgot to include that i also know how to use mudbox on the application, sorry)

- emma

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Hi Emma!
Hi Emma! Unfortunately we're aren't looking for new modelers at this time, however we could certainly use creature riggers in the Animation department. The work would be primarily be skinning and skeleton creation as well as some additional skywind-specific tasks thrown in there.   If you're still interested, come join us on our discord channel:  https://discord.gg/0oOzg2qbwpmb6WJM   Once there shoot me a message (Coal#7608). I head the Animation department, and can set you up with a quick rigging test :)