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All soul gems have souls already

Hi I tried googling a bit but did not notice anybody having the same issue.  Every soul gem in the game besides azura's star already has a soul in it.  Even the grand soul gems I want to buy off Elbert Nermarc.  

This wouldn't be so bad, except the grand soul gems all have greater souls.  I'm reduced to capturing grand souls one at a time with azura's star.  Which is survivable of course, but inconvenient.

Has anybody seen this issue before or have a clue what might be going on?

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Yes -- it's not you, it's

Yes -- it's not you, it's Morroblivion**.  I don't know if this was some sort of design decision to rebalance the game or if it was some sort of workaround or a temporary debugging change for playtesting that just never got removed.  If anyone knows more than I, please let us know. 

For the time being, your easiest fix is to fire up the CS, find the leveled lists for soul gems used by vendors and modify them to sell empty soul gems.

**To be more precise, it's not ALL soul gems that are filled but it does appear to be the majority encountered during normal gameplay.  However the gist remains: this is a departure from Morrowind where unfilled soul gems were not as hard to find.