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So how do I start this? I've never really been good with introductions.

Uh hello.

I found out about this project a couple of years ago, but I didn't think I would be of any help since I'm not a modder, I'm not overly tech savvy and I still consider myself a beginner with 3D modeling despite playing around with Anim8or (*cringe*) for almost a decade.

I've always been more of a hobbyist voice actor, I've been doing amateur voice acting since around 2005, doing voices in various Machinima (mostly sims *cringe*), some audio-plays here and there and quite a few short indie adventure games.

I develop short games with Adventure Game Studio (or try to) when I'm not voice acting, so far I've got three out and completed, I'm basically preparing myself for 'the big project'; nothing beats experience! Right?

Voice acting is something that I've wanted to do professionally since I was four years old, as far as I could remember, did I mention I do voice acting? =P I contemplated trying out for the voice acting department a couple of years ago but I got too swamped with uni work and decided against it, I'm done with uni now and currently unemployed so I've got plenty of time.

I don't remember who or what introduced me to the world of the Elder Scrolls, but the instant I played Oblivion I got hooked, I *STILL* haven't completed the main quest, I'm having way too much fun on the side (some kind of "hero" I am >_>).

Oh and yeah, also I'm from Brunei.

I have a Foundation Degree in Broadcast Media, though considering I studied at Hull college (UK), I'm not sure if that really means much (that was a mean stab, sorry, forgive me, I admit, I'm still a little bitter).

Well I think that's as good of an introduction as any, if you've got any further questions, just ask, knock yourself out.

Oh right, specs n stuff, I've got a USB Takstar GL 100 condenser microphone, a makeshift pop filter, I don't have a treated room unfortunately, maybe one day; mainly use Audacity to edit audio files.

While I can't read notes when it comes to singing, I have had classical vocal training in the past. In my teens, I was in the school choir, SATB, Barbershop and I trained at Neoclassic music school (Brunei); I am naturally a low tenor.

In Neoclassic I sung mostly opera, show tunes and jazz but in my later years I dabbled in rock and pop (for fun, against the wishes of my vocal teacher- sorry Ms.Sharon).

This might not be something that could help with skywind/blivion but I figured for the sake of introduction... or if someone needs a bard? (*hint, hint*) or vocalisations to accompany behind a cavern/battle/temple bgm track? (This skeever couldn't wink any harder).


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Hello Iddie,

Hello Iddie,

Good to hear your interested. I"m unsure what you want to do exactly though. Try checking our skywind volunteer hyperlink which can lead you to appropriate threads to try out for where we need particular skills. We get a lot of would-be volunteers so this is the best way to get the relevant people's attention. Giving such a large amount of info here about your past experience is nice but suffers from tl;dr syndrome when their aren't specific questions you want answering.

here's the link:

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Hiya! Dat audition was great.

Hiya! Dat audition was great. I'm also in the process of learning opera for fun. Awesome! Welcome to the madness. ;) 



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Oh just to clear things up (I

Oh just to clear things up (I did say I wasn't very good with introductions lol), my forte is voice acting all the way. I'm hoping to get a part in the voice acting department of the renewal project. That's the gist of it ^_^

Oh and thanks Gigarat =)