Blog entry #6

A Brief History of Skywind

Earlier this month, we marked the third anniversary of Skywind’s first working build. While everyone, as always, continues to look toward the ultimate completion of the project, sometimes it is important to step back and remember what came before, and to celebrate the hard work that enabled us to get this far. Therefore, in commemoration, I have compiled a brief history of Skywind.

Blog entry #5

Monthly blog post

Welcome back to the monthly Skywind blog post! The blog and the monthly posts are still relatively new,so if this is your first time reading, this is where we aim to recap the most important progress of the previous month in one easy-to-read post to keep you updated.

In relation to keeping yourself updated on the project, we are proud to announce that the Skywind is now present on Reddit!

Blog entry #4

Planning the world of Vvardenfell

By ErikChristensen

With the massive scale of Vvardenfell’s landscape, there is a vast amount of 3D modelling and environmental landscaping that needs to be done in order to populate the worldspace of Skywind. For much of the project, we have simply focused on creatively reproducing Morrowind’s assets, but recently we have been changing this approach to give Vvardenfell extra flavor, and to give players a whole new excuse to explore it.

Blog entry #3

Monthly blog post

With the Skywind team busy as always, the past month has brought with it an increased focus on environmental assets. Stones and various flora are being created for West Gash, Molag Amur and Sheogorad. These assets are important, because they are necessary for landscapers to make progress and to maintain a diversity in the different parts of the areas. Without these, the areas will appear empty and monotone, something we have no interest in. Armors and other 3D assets are less important at the moment, because other areas of the project are not dependent on these to continuously make progress. This also means we are looking for capable environmental artists to speed this progress up, and to avoid utilizing hard surface and artist modelers when their proficiency lies elsewhere. Expect to see more updates on landscaping assets in the coming months.

Blog entry #2

Redesigning the Seyda Neen Lighthouse

Written by Twentyenginerunner

The lighthouse in Seyda Neen is one of the first unique buildings that players encounter when embarking on their adventure on the island of Vvardenfell. The structure plays a role in two early quests, and even those uninterested in pursuing these will probably climb it just to see the view of the game’s first  town from its highest accessible point.

Despite its status as a unique building that partially defines one of the most fondly-remembered places in Morrowind, the design of the lighthouse is something of an enigma. It does not really fit with either Imperial or Dunmer architecture. The strange, lopsided way in which the building is structured is also unbefitting for lighthouses, durable monoliths designed to withstand wind and waves.

Blog entry #1

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the Skywind development blog! This is a new initiative we are introducing, designed to help inform our fans on the development we are making on Skywind and shed some light on the features and aspects of the game we are actively working on. The blog will feature news about the project, in-depth stories about the work that goes into a project like this, along with monthly recaps that lets you catch up with what we are working on. All things that will hopefully give you a better impression of who we are, the work we do, and how the project fares.

As some of you might know we have been present on Facebook for quite a while, but in continuation of the blog, we have established a Twitter account. Our social media accounts provide regular updates and images from the project, please feel free visit and follow our channel.


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