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Thank you Marius and Matt for

Thank you Marius and Matt for the behind the scenes look at the creative and technical process behind Skywind's music!  Thanks to you guys (and the rest of the brilliant musicians who have contributed to the project), the future explorers of Vvardenfel will have their journeys beautified and enriched by some truly extraordinary pieces.

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I am consistently blown away

I am consistently blown away by the music production group. Your quality and your detail always bring me chills and a huge grin from ear to ear. Keep up this fantastic work, and thank you.

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Looking forward to grooving

Looking forward to grooving to the music as I explore Morrowind!

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I really don't mean any offense when I say this, but original music seems kind of...derivative. It just feels like this will cease to be Morrowind with new additions like this. Again, I say this in no reference to the actual talent or creativity of these composers.





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That's fair I suppose.
That's fair I suppose. Skywind is going to be a reimagined in several ways, music isn't the only thing that is gonna change. If you expect a one to one port you'll be sorely disappointed. However I expect that once we're done with our vision, people will mod the game to their liking.