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Well done! Bravo! Here here!

Well done! Bravo! Here here! Good show!

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Thanks, now I have an

Thanks, now I have an headache

Anyway, impressive work done/to do


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Out of curiosity...

Out of curiosity...

When you guys are creating a new creature from scratch and there isn't a similar creature in the Skyrim files that has behaviors you can use, do you create entirely new behaviors, or are you piecing together behaviors from other creatures to get the intended result?

I ask because I see that you used almost all of the dragon behaviors for the cliff racer (pretty cool), even though they're very different creatures.

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That cliff racer seems pretty

That cliff racer seems pretty large from what I remember! ;D

Is it more than a reskin of the dragon at the time of recording? And is the model finalized?

*Not trying to be critical, simply curious*

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We have the tech to create

We have the tech to create creatures from scratch but we keep them at a minimum because it requires a lot of animation manpower we don't currently have. Yes, the cliffracer uses the dragon as a base but with a heavily modified behavior. It's still WIP, both mesh and behavior