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Blog entry #5

Monthly blog post

Welcome back to the monthly Skywind blog post! The blog and the monthly posts are still relatively new,so if this is your first time reading, this is where we aim to recap the most important progress of the previous month in one easy-to-read post to keep you updated.

In relation to keeping yourself updated on the project, we are proud to announce that the Skywind is now present on Reddit!

Molag Amur

As mentioned in the previous blog post, we have increasingly been focusing on environmental assets. This month, we have the pleasure of introducing some of the assets that will be used in the newly started region of Molag Amur. When work on a new region begins, a lot of initial environmental assets are created for the landscaper, in order for him to actually populate the region and create an atmospheric environment. We have previously mentioned Molag Amur in some of these posts, but the region has seen little progress due to the absence of these vital assets. Over the last month, the first batch of assets have been created, and we are pretty sure it is something you guys will enjoy.

Lastly, do not forget to check out the crowning achievement: flowing lava. On the left side you will see the lava from Skyrim, and on the right the lava flow created for Skywind.


The Dwemer are a big part of Morrowind, and for many people it is a rather touchy subject. We have slowly started creating standard textures which will be applied to pipes, cogs and other common Dwemer assets. Here is a preview of the style we are aiming towards; the textures are still a work in progress, so for now we only have a sneak peek available.

Monetizing Skyrim Mods

As many of you are aware, Bethesda and Valve had agreed on monetizing mods through the steam platform. This is already a somewhat outdated topic, since Valve has since then removed this feature. If you by some miracle managed to avoid this topic, it is basically the idea that people who mod can make money off of mods, but with most of the share going to Bethesda and Valve. During the episode, some of the developers of the project sat down and had a talk about the approach the aforementioned companies used, and how the Skywind Project and the people in it stands on the matter.

For those of you who do not want to spend one and half hours watching a stream, let me outline some of the point we make during the video. We are not against the idea that artists being able to receive money for the work they do, however, we are certainly against the way it had been carried out. The cut that was given to the artists were excessively small, and to us, it does not make sense that people should be forced to pay for mods where the majority does not even go to the creator. The system possessed no quality control, meaning people could upload others work, make small deviations of their previous work, and upload it again. In short, we believe the idea is good, the execution terrible. Watch the stream for a more in-depth discussion.

     - Lastly we would like to thank everyone for watching for the supporting our live stream! You guys rock!

Live Q&A

Now on to some exciting news. Due to the interest and support we had during our last live stream, we have decided to set up a live streaming event, which will be based around the development of Skywind. Before and during the stream we will be answering questions from the public regarding the project, this includes modeling, mechanics and voice acting. We will do our best to answer any questions you can think of, and hopefully provide you with a better insight into the project that is Skywind. Feel free to leave a comment, and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

Latest internal build

Once a month, a new build of Skywind is compiled, adding the latest features, landscaping and assets to the game. This includes stuff that does not really work as intended yet, but needs to be tested out by our team for conflicts. As promised, we will make our internal changelog available to the public to grant you an overview of the things we include in the game, and the progress we make.  


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This is a money grab - pain

This is a money grab - plain and simple.  I have dealt with developers in the past, and for them it is almost always about the bottom line.  When modders create something that becomes immensely popular, so much so that it could interfere/compete with the developers releases - it will get their attention and likely not in a positive way.

Honestly, with such ambitious undertaking as Skywind, why not do something with kickstarter, license a game engine and go hard?  If you guys want to do something on this front - talk to me.  I would be more than glad to put money behind such a venture and assist in the legal aspects.   RayT

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Molag Mar - Again, the

Molag Mar - Again, the encompassing zone is considerably more green than it will be in 700 years time, and it coordinates the landscape of Azura's Coast more than it does Molag Amur. As per the lessons of Vivec, British Essay Writers Molag Bal tempted the God-King and together sired a race of beasts who. still, possess the Molag Amur district in Morrowind.