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Blog entry #4

Planning the world of Vvardenfell

By ErikChristensen

With the massive scale of Vvardenfell’s landscape, there is a vast amount of 3D modelling and environmental landscaping that needs to be done in order to populate the worldspace of Skywind. For much of the project, we have simply focused on creatively reproducing Morrowind’s assets, but recently we have been changing this approach to give Vvardenfell extra flavor, and to give players a whole new excuse to explore it. It is important to consider that Morrowind has been out for nearly thirteen years, and that the limitations of its engine greatly constricted the design and production of its assets. With this in mind, we at the Skywind project believe that simply porting over Morrowind’s assets to a new engine will not provide a game experience that is up to today’s standards. In order to raise Skywind’s standard to those of modern gaming, a rather large amount of new assets is required. This in turn requires a concerted effort to make these assets consistent, which can be hard when working with such as large team that spans across many different time zones and language barriers.

To resolve this issue, we have introduced some changes to how we structure work, starting with the introduction of Stylesheets.

Stylesheets are used in all large game development projects to keep the style of the world consistent. They also create a common reference point for the artists, so that any questions related to the style of a building, or the color of a tree can be extrapolated from this one document.

The basis for our stylesheets consist of a few basic sections.

  • The color palette of the area or town in question 
  • The style of foliage and images to pull reference from
  • The geology of the area/town
  • The climate of the area/town
  • The creatures and inhabitants 

This all comes together to form a clean PDF that helps us define the project. These are an immense help, especially for the modeling team which relies on clean images and solid concept art. Take a look at the stylesheets we currently have, which are linked below.

Stylesheet for Red Mountain

Stylesheet for Ascadian Isles

 A special thanks goes out to Robbinsmoth for creating the template.

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