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Blog entry #3

Monthly blog post


Environmental assets

With the Skywind team busy as always, the past month has brought with it an increased focus on environmental assets. Stones and various flora are being created for West Gash, Molag Amur and Sheogorad. These assets are important, because they are necessary for landscapers to make progress and to maintain a diversity in the different parts of the areas. Without these, the areas will appear empty and monotone, something we have no interest in. Armors and other 3D assets are less important at the moment, because other areas of the project are not dependent on these to continuously make progress. This also means we are looking for capable environmental artists to speed this progress up, and to avoid utilizing hard surface and artist modelers when their proficiency lies elsewhere. Expect to see more updates on landscaping assets in the coming months.


Hlaalu interiors

One of the six great houses, house Hlaalu, has received some love this month. House Hlaalu is known for its involvement in business and trade, and open stance towards outsiders fuels their success in these areas, something that is also reflected when it comes to their architecture. The interiors are where progress have been made this month; these have received an overhaul and are mostly done. The interiors are made up of smaller models, and are actually a small kit that can be assembled in many different ways for diversity. Modeling interior kit sets such as these are big jobs, as the Hlaalu one consists of 42 objects that has to be modeled and textured, but when they are finished they allow for setting up buildings all across Vvardenfell.


Perhaps the most interesting part is that our modeler, ErikChristensen, has made a demo that allows you to explore one of the interiors. Now you no longer have settle for images, you can actually walk around inside the model itself. Check it out below, but keep in mind that this is a work in progress!

Please note that you have to download the Unity plugin and allow it to run.

Hlaalu interior demo

Changelog Skywind (dev release)

The new assets we implement each month are too numerous for us to go into depth with in the blog. However, they all deserve attention, which is why we are going to release our internal changelog each month. This will also make our progress more visible to the public (yes, you!), as it is rather hard to keep track of the things we make if you only check the forums occasionally.

Please check out our newly released video, which gives a preview of the recent landscape changes and assets:


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I love these blog post, keep

I love these blog post, keep up the good work!



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You guys are awesome. This

You guys are awesome. This project is just unbelievable. Does Bethesda know about this? I remember back in the Neverwinter Nights days, that game had accessible tools and thousands of mods and user created worlds just like the Elder Scrolls games and someone came along and created something huge and professional level just like this and Black Isle or whatever their name was at the time actually bought it and made it an official release. If I were someone on the Elder Scrolls team, I would consider doing just that with this project. Since ESO is sort of not taking off, it's a great way to keep the fans satisfied while their core team is busy on the next Fallout game. Hell, this is looking good enough to even make it worth porting the engine to next gen consoles and releasing it as a half priced, download only standalone game similar to all those "reboot" projects we're always seeing. 

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Wow this is looking amazing,

Wow this is looking amazing, keep up the great work guys!

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Awesome update. I really love

Awesome update. I really love the interior kit.

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The turnaround time from

The turnaround time from concept to in-game item never ceases to amaze me.  We have some seriously skilled volunteers here!

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One small thing I'd like to

One small thing I'd like to suggest about the Hlallu interiors is that the yellow daub on the walls could be different Colours to provide variation in interors. This is amazing work guys :D